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DynamicElement protects your products from counterfeiting. It allows you to track & trace your products throughout the whole supply chain and helps you to better interact with your customers.


We use new innovative approaches to protect your products from counterfeiting combining computer vision with artificial intelligence. By that, we can characterize any surface to a unique ID, that we call MDDI “Multi-Dimensional-Dynamic Identity”.

The general functioning is as follows:

Step 1: Surface detection

To begin, the camera will detect and recognize chosen areas on a surface either in-line “on the run” during the printing process or in single registration procedures.

Step 2: Macro analysis

Next, a photo of the macro area is captured and characterized by our MDDI recognition software.

Step 3: Converting an image to data

The analysis converts the image to a unique ID similar to a fingerprint. We call it MDDI fingerprint.

Step 4: Finding a match

The first time your product is scanned a new MDDI will be registered.
If it’s an existing MDDI, it will be compared against our database to verify your product as an original.

Currently, all sorts of solid materials can be used, e.g., metal, plastic, or printed material in the packaging sector like labels and paper.

In a dynamic environment, everything is constantly changing. Therefore it’s clear that a security feature should not be static. Typically security features are compared to their original static state, making counterfeiting easier. With DynamicElement a new original is created with every read process, making product counterfeiting virtually impossible.

Our technology can be used in several ways to interact with your customers, e.g., by verifying your products to sign up for a loyalty program or just in case to handle a warranty fast. Whenever your products are verified you receive the data. By connecting producers with their customers, we ensure a good customer relationship.

The data is stored in our secure cloud servers. Each data point is notarized by an independent service that guarantees data integrity.


We offer different packages and pricing models. Please contact us for more information.

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